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Chafe Master™
Chafe Gear

Maximize the service life of your rope by adding a protection from the environment of the commercial marine industry.

Chafe Master™
Chafe Gear

This removable chafe gear is durable and easy to install, it is the most popular choice for mooring lines and towing.

Chafe Master™ Removable

Engineered to provide maximum protection. This non-wicking, heavy duty sleeve is best for tough outdoor applications.

Engineering Value through Quality and Innovation

At Chafe Master™, our mission is to build value for our customers by offering durable products for protecting and extending the life of your rope investment from abrasion, harsh environments, and U.V. damage.

Although high-tech rope has been engineered to provide exceptional strength and resilience, additional protection from many harsh environmental settings is recommended to prolong the service life of your rope. It’s a wise long-term investment.

We offer tubular and removable chafe gear products by Chafe Master™ that will help protect your rope from abrasion, wear, and U.V. damage in the field.

Our tubular line can be factory-installed, while our removable chafe gear can be easily installed and/or removed in the field.

Ideal For Protection From

Eye Erosion

Rope eye splices are the most critical part of your rope as cleats, bollards and other dock components can cause chafe and abrasion to rope eyes from repeated rubbing and pulling.

SOLUTION: Protect the eyes of your rope (or the entire length) with Chafe Master's™ Tubular chafe gear. It is the most popular and ideal chafe protection for mooring lines, dock lines or the entire length of rope on the market today!

Wear Point Damage

Chafe protection is an intregal part of marine life. However, we may fail to see the need for chafe guard until lines break or part. Edges and corners can appear smooth on the outside but are actually very sharp on the inside; causing them to destroy your rope in very little time.

SOLUTION: Protect your lines from wear point abrasion only like Chafe Master's™ Removable chafe gear can! It is made of Mil-Spec 1050 ballistic nylon and can be easily removed and installed. Be Proactive! Don’t regret it!

Severe Abrasion

Rope can become critically defected when used on harsh terrain or sharp corners that can cause excessive wear and/or erosion.

SOLUTION: Chafe Master™ is crafted from abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon fibers that are constucted to shield rope from abrasive conditions. For the most severe abrasion, Chafe Master™ Removable Extreme chafe gear is the right fit for any tough job.

Chafe Gear Protective Coverings
Protect Your Rope

Engineering Value through Quality and Innovation